5 Uses Of The Emergency Thermal Blanket

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As we have mentioned before, when we are in wild or isolated places in a city or hospital, prevention is vital. The emergency blanket has an infinity of uses in case of survival and camping, and does not bulge almost anything. Next, we will see some uses of the thermal savannah:

To get warm

Some thermal blankets reflect up to 80% of our body heat, thus preventing the risk of frostbite or hypothermia. It should be used as follows: The silver part should be oriented towards the person to retain and reflect body heat. Remember to cover the whole body and with a cap to cover the head because in this area a lot of heat is lost.

As a waterproof

In an extreme case where a storm can surprise you, the thermal savannah can be used as a waterproof poncho, since it is made of very resistant and waterproof materials. It is not the ideal option, however it will protect us from inclement weather. Use the silver part directed towards you and not the outside to avoid damage.

Lesvos, Greece Oct. 18, 2015. A mother and child wrapped in an emergency blanket after disembarking on the beach of Kayia, on the north of the Greek island of Lesvos.

To protect from heat

The opposite side of the thermal sheet can be used to reduce fever, heat stroke or to make a small shelter to isolate from the sun.

As a sleeping bag

If you forgot to take a sleeping bag or it has gotten wet, you can use the emergency blanket to improvise a sleeping bag and it will be more satisfying than sleeping in your wet bag.


Another great advantage of thermal sheet is that it can be very useful for sending signals, or simply to be used as a road mirror.

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