Crop Protection Against Frost

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The agricultural sector is subject to the different weather stations that we have throughout the year. A difficult time is approaching for those of you who dedicate themselves to the world of agriculture and crops, the temperatures begin to drop and the first frosts arrive Plants must acclimate and suffer from the suffocating heat or the intense cold, or the excess or scarcity of rain. In Texdelta we develop products to counteract these harmful effects for plants and offer protection for your crops.

For the protection of crops against frost we offer two solutions, firstly the use of thermal blankets. This product consists of a nonwoven, light fabric with UV treatment. It is recommended not only for the protection of the crop against low temperatures but also for biological control or for an improvement in the quality and production of crops. The functionalities that allow us the use of thermal blankets in crops are:

The temperature increases between 3º and 4º.

Avoid frosts and frosts.

Allows the water bodiesforirrigation and fertilization

It is light and highly resistant.

The placement of thermal blankets is simple and fast, it is a very thin material so it must be handled with care to increase its durability , very important is that it should always be placed in the direction of the wind, we must leave margin both vertically and horizontally so that the plants can grow and not less important we must fix the ends of the tissue to the ground we can do this by throwing earth at regular intervals on the ends of the tissue approximately every meter of the tissue. Remember that if you are careful in your installation and collection you can take advantage of the fabric from one season to another.

This is a protection that we can offer to the crops on the plant but there are other products that will help us to protect the soil near the stem of the plant, in this case the placement of this material allows to protect the stem and the first layer of the soil, avoiding the germination of weeds near the stems and keeps the soil layer protected from sudden changes in temperature and humidity. The advantages of using these protection products, such as Protect Pramu from Texdelta are:

Greater productivity and quality of plants.

Low cost.

Easy placement and handling.

Create a uniform climate.

After use, if it is not damaged, it can be stored in a dry and protected place.

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