How To Install A Thermal Blanket

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The thermal blankets are installed on days with favorable weather conditions, without rain and without wind. It is advisable to previously smooth the ground and eliminate weeds from the area that will cover the thermal blanket.

The thermal blanket is placed in the direction of the wind, without being too tight or too loose. It is also important to cover the perimeter of the blanket with earth and / or fasten it with nails or pegs for the purpose of the windy days the blanket remains in its location and the wind does not lift it.

According to the type of crop the blanket will be permanent or temporary, that is, the crops whose cycle is exclusively in winter the thermal blanket will be installed until the harvest, however, those plants whose cultivation extends until spring or summer (strawberries , …) or flowers and perennial aromatic plants (living from one year to another), hedges, ornamental shrubs and fruit trees the thermal blanket will be removed when the temperatures no longer endanger the harvest or the survival of the plants.


When to remove a thermal blanket

The thermal blankets are removed with good weather, on days without wind, in which it is not too hot and there is no risk of late frosts that can ruin the crops. Once the blanket is removed, you should irrigate the plants, since they will be directly exposed to the sun and the wind after a long season of protection, thus avoiding dehydration.

The thermal blankets are reusable, so you can fold or roll them up and store them until the following year. To do this, it is advisable to keep them dry and clean of dirt, leaves, … in a warehouse or protected place to avoid deterioration. And when you throw them away they are recyclable, so you will not generate waste with them.

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