The Thermal Blanket, Essential For Survival

In Foil X emergency blanket, Uses

The hikers, skiers, climbers and fans of nature sports, know very well that they have to exercise extreme caution during the practice of these sports since we can find ourselves in an unexpected situation.

Use of the thermal blanket in an emergency

The thermalblanket is an article in basic emergency kit first aid when we go to the mountain. The material from which they are made can be used both to retain body heat and to lower the temperature.

It is important to know this survival technique well so as not to make mistakes with the side of the thermal blanket.

If you are in a hypothermia situation. If you have an accident in the mountains, in the snow, climbing or in any situation where you do not have access to a doctor or while waiting for a rescue.

In these cases, the silver part of the thermal blanket has to be glued to the body and the gold part to the outside. Remember to cover your head because that is where we lose most heat.

Bring a thermal blanket for each person, always in your medicine cabinet

To make the blanket more effective, wrap the whole body with it

If you put it on a wounded person try to fix the blanket with some accessory so that it does not move with the displacements or the wind

If you are in the snow put clothes or some fabric under the thermal blanket so that it is not in direct contact with the snow

Other possible uses

It is a useful material to indicate your location in rescue situation

To make a shelter or improvised bivouac, both for the floor and for the roof

To protect you from the rain

As a reflective if you have to do a stretch of road and you do not have signage

Cover windows in shelters or areas where light or cold enters

Eventually this material was established for ordinary use, where its ability to reflect and conserve heat was perfect for a variety of applications.

Today this material can be found in protective clothing used by firefighters, in insulating water pipes, in pizza boxes sent home, in candy covers and in flame retardant walls of the engines.

There should be a survival blanket in each backpack, waist pack or pocket when you go outside. During an emergency, the blanket can be used to make a tent or other shelter.

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