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To protect the harmony of our pool, there is no better option than the incorporation of a blanket to protect it from the dirt produced by tree leaves, flowers, pollen and insects. In addition, the coverts collaborate with the temperature of the water; that is to say, they conserve the accumulated degrees during the day under the effect of the rays of the sun or by the systems of air conditioning. In this way, our pool will not only maintain its hygiene and aesthetics, but also will have the water at an ideal temperature to enjoy at any time of the year.

Bubble blankets These blankets are made of 400-micron polyethylene material. For the most demanding users, they come in different colors (blue, silver blue, gold blue and black blue), so as not to break the aesthetics of the space. Notwithstanding, within the variety it is possible to find three models of agreements to the resistance necessary for the use of the blanket.

ECO blanket model: Economic model without reinforcement

DUO blanket model: Cover model with 2 reinforcements

QUATRO blanket model: Very resistant model with 4 reinforcements

Among the benefits of the use of bubble blankets, we can list the following:

Reduces the loss of temperature during the night shift

Avoid dirt in the pool

Economizes the chemicals used for maintenance

Reduces the evaporation of water in a way that increases the saving of the natural resource

How to use

The thermal bubble blanket for swimming pools is placed on the surface of the water, with the bubbles down.

After using it, it is advisable to keep the blanket and place it under an opaque protective blanket. Although the best option would be to roll the blanket with a professional roller, it is possible to do it manually, without bending it and placing it somewhere outside the light.

Various recommendations:

It should never be deployed on the lawn during peak sun hours.

Remove the blanket during a shock of chlorine and during the following 48 hours in order to avoid the deterioration of the bubbles.

Do not walk or lie on the blanket, do not swim under it.

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